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Hyaluronic acid is an important component of the skin and responsible for strong connective tissue. Since the content of hyaluronic acid decreases with age, it is all the more important to replenish hyaluronic acid through cosmetics. The body's own substance hyaluron binds water and is therefore an ideal moisture reservoir. The Intensive Hyaluron Serum is an innovative product in gel form for specific use for tired skin in need of regeneration. Skin breathing is not impeded as the surface film is permeable to air and light.

This product contains a proportion of branched long-chain and short-chain unbranched hyaluronic acid. The combination of high-molecular hyaluronic acid as a film former and low-molecular hyaluronic acid as a water reservoir in the skin makes this product of one of the most unique, high-quality skin care products. It gives the skin a youthful, supple and smooth appearance and is therefore also known as a wrinkle filler. (without parabens)

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