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Hamamelis Virginiana Distillate 12.jpg


The distillate for cosmetic products is obtained from the leaves, twigs and the reddish colored bark of the Virginian witch hazel (deciduous tree).

Hamamelis reduces itching, has an antibacterial effect and can heal wounds. Witch hazel can also be used to treat minor skin injuries and skin inflammation, but above all sunburn.

Allantoin 12.jpg


Allantoin is of both plant and animal origin. It is found in high concentrations in comfrey, for example, but also in rice, cauliflower and wheat seedlings. It is found in humans and animals as a breakdown product of uric acid.

It is used versatile in cosmetics. In deodorants it prevents perspiration, as an antioxidant it is found in anti-aging products with cell-renewing properties. Allantoin has a fast healing property on cells during their construction, formation and regeneration.

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