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What is special and unique about Amoash creations?

We take great care to produce the best possible! Quality is our top priority.


Our perfumes

The world of perfumes is diverse and diverse - each perfume has its own signature and is made from various precious ingredients that together provide a unique fragrance experience. The perfumes that you will find at Amoash have that certain extra: they are linked to people, stories and feelings. A certain whiff of scent in the air can quickly bring back memories. The first kiss, a wild celebration, or the reunion with a loved one - perfumes can take us on an emotional journey through time, where we can forget the present for a moment and always carry happy memories with us. The right perfume is a work of art that gives us inspiring feelings of happiness whenever it blows in our face.

We believe that special people deserve a special perfume, that's why we bring you the world's finest rarities. Our exclusive range of perfumes consists of noble and luxurious Niche perfumes that will set you apart from the crowd. Just as the character and smell of each person is individual, their naturalness is additionally emphasized by a suitable perfume. Whether it's warm, spicy, fresh like citrus, or something out of the ordinary, each fragrance family exudes something different and brings out different aspects of your personality. Perfumes for everyday use are a little lighter and less obtrusive than those for the evening, which tend to be more opulent and seductive.

Take a moment to think carefully about what you expect from a fragrance. Do you want to express strength with it, feel good and safe with it, or use the scent to give yourself an instant boost of good mood, or even try something completely new?


The fragrance underlines your personality and becomes your invisible signature, always enveloping you and leaving a lasting impression.

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