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1. What was your first olfactory experience?


That was the scent of jasmine on my balcony. But more importantly, it was my mother's scent. She was used to applying very strong scents, but I also remember her natural scent.

2. When did you decide to become a perfume designer and create your own perfumes?


I knew from a very young age that I wanted to work in the beauty world, and that I was more interested in influencing people's well-being than delivering on the surface glamour.

3. What are your five favorite scents?

This is early morning at 5 o'clock, the scent of skin, of jasmine, blackcurrant buds and damp earth.

4. What is the worst smell you have ever smelled?

The smell of fear and war.

5. Which perfume would you still like to create?

That would be a composition of musk and sea breeze with a touch of the Orient that falls asleep in the memory and wakes up in the morning with the breath.

6. Which fragrance do you love the most?

This is musk for its erotic sensuality.

7. How many different scents can you smell at the same time?


That's quite a few. It is important to switch between the different creations in order to remain objective, because an emotional connection can quickly develop with each fragrance.

8. Is the creative work on a fragrance linked to memory?

Yes, because only when it is connected to memory can it trigger an emotion. My own creativity is connected to my feelings. Therefore, for me, anything that stimulates my emotions is a source of inspiration.

9. Approximately how long does it take you to make a perfume?

There are no fixed rules. Each creation has its own story, its own emotional context. This can take a month, or a few months. Sometimes even for years.

10. What should be considered when buying a perfume?

It can sometimes take time to find your own perfume. First you should try it and try to understand, experiencing how you feel and how the skin absorbs the perfume. You should also use the perfume more often and on different occasions.

Each perfume is very individual. The development of a perfume depends very individually on the chemical properties of the skin and its metabolism.

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