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Our Skin Care products

Our many years of experience with the composition and effectiveness of individual substances from Marine extracts and the large world of plants and flowers that nature has to offer form the basis for the development of our cosmetic beauty products.

Our benchmark is to produce a product of the highest quality, regardless of profit and gain or competition.

We use highly concentrated aloe vera as a moisturizing and healing ingredient in many products for the entire body. Added to this are allantoin, peanut oil, bamboo and witch hazel with their broad spectrum of effects.

The way to the best result is through the correct application of the rules for determining the concentration of individual substances and diluting them with compatible tools. It's the mix that makes the good result.

What counts for us is the satisfaction of every single customer who places their trust in us. Every customer is unique and deserves respect. Our perfumes, creams, serums and face masks meet this requirement.

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