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Amoash means "wave".

Waves are full of energy, a mixture of magic, mysterious with rebellious feelings.

They inspire our souls and our hearts.

Here begins our story of perfumes and beauty products.

What we do illuminate us.

What we create is who we are.

It starts with an idea.

A journey.

To creat the best magic materials,

using the best materials.

Inspired by the latest trends,

And by you.

Attentively each in every  detail.

To give all that you need,

to illuminate your bath.

Because alights up our day.

We don't follow the crowd.

We follow the light.

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Our history with perfumes began when we were able to gain the trust of our customers with a first perfume when they visited our atelier. And after we were sure that our customers loved this first fragrance and the high quality ingredients and we put together the perfumes and explained the ingredients in front of them.

This perfume is called
Come Closer.

We started creating other fragrance blends that our customers wanted with passion.

By asking questions, we found out which individual ingredients and fragrances they prefer. It is through these sensory experiences that we have shared with our customers that we have gained many benefits for our fragrance creations to meet their emotional, visual and physical needs.

Our primary interest is to give our customers quality and an unmistakable and unique fragrance experience.

This exchange with our customers gave us even more confidence to set our benchmark on creating exclusive fragrances that give a good and irresistible feeling of beauty.

We collect the natural raw materials for our perfumes from all over the world and blend them with the best synthetic excipients to bring magical inspiration to every customer.

We have created our perfumes especially for those who are looking for a unique fragrance for themselves that gives them a feeling of exclusivity.

Uniqueness and exclusivity are our primary goals.

That is why our customers only receive our products in our atelier and online shop.

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Our high quality standards apply equally to our cosmetics and skin care products.

The natural ingredients from all over the world form the advantages of our products. In addition, there is the experience of beauty experts and the highest possible security through testing by certified laboratories in Germany. With this, we guarantee you long-term satisfaction to maintain your elegance and beauty.

Our products contain a high proportion of natural ingredients. Also, we don't use artificial perfumes to attract customers by the nice smell. Rather, when using fragrances in our products, we limit ourselves to natural fragrances that, like the other ingredients, have a benefit for the skin.

Our attention is focused on the effectiveness of the product and its ability to provide our customers with a sense of satisfaction, rather than marketing the product through an attractive smell or the use of small percentages of natural ingredients.

We offer the best because we trust that our customers deserve the best and everything that sets them apart.

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