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Aloe vera


Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant with a very long tradition in various cultures. More than 200 active ingredients are known in aloe vera.

 Aloe vera stores a lot of water in its leaves because it grows in climatic conditions with high temperatures. This water is stored in the leaves as a gel. Even long periods of heat cannot damage aloe vera. These conditions have made the gel a remedy for both internal and external use.

Due to its high water content, it provides a lot of moisture. In case of sensitive skin irritated by dryness and even sunburn it proves to be a universal miracle cure.

Aloe Vera is most effective in its natural and fresh form.

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Allantoin is of both plant and animal origin. It is found in high concentrations in comfrey, for example, but also in rice, cauliflower and wheat seedlings. It is found in humans and animals as a breakdown product of uric acid.

It is used versatile in cosmetics. In deodorants it prevents perspiration, as an antioxidant it is found in anti-aging products with cell-renewing properties. Allantoin has a fast healing property on cells during their construction, formation and regeneration.

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This oil is used in cosmetic products for scrubs and masks to improve their texture. It is also used as a bath additive and in massage oil. It moisturizes dry skin and promotes its suppleness.

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